Birds of Prey

“Was my intention to take control again?

Somehow you got me on the ropes of my own plan

To turn up the volume and make you dance for me

Release some pressure so that I can turn and see

Spirit manifests as ‘She’

You set me soul free (you set my soul free)

Now every word that she speaks to me is pure gold

She set my soul free (she set my soul free)

She give me love, give me hope, give me strength to bear my faults for you”

“She” Birds of Prey – Artist: Live

Birds of Prey

It’s not secret that music is a big influence in my life – or perhaps it is if we’ve just met. Melodies and rhythms drive and inspire me. When I hear a rhythm, I see a picture in my mind. My body gets a feeling and I instantly connect to that song. Periodically a song and it’s rhythm will have a huge disconnect in my opinion. The melody will feel positive while the lyrics are negative or vice-versa. It’s very interesting to sit back and witness how each aspect of a song makes you feel.

I titled this image ‘Birds of Prey’ after an album from the band Live. After putting in much thought on what image to create in the snow, the more and more that album title resonated with me. I couldn’t figure out why but ‘Birds of Prey’ just kept circling in my head. I love their music and have for almost 20 years. My favorite album of theirs is The Distance to Here.

When I look back on this image, an encompassing feeling of all the things I love about their music comes to my mind: Powerful, vulnerable, gentle, strong, free and influential to name a few. Coupled with some of the things I love most about photography: Black and white, portraiture, drama and couture gowns this image is the perfect marriage of all my own interpretations of their music.

I plan to do more images that are inspired by some of my favorite music this year and beyond. Subconsciously, this was my first music inspired piece. Please scroll down for the speed edit of Birds of Prey.

What are some of the things that inspire you the most to create?


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