Do you ever have those dreams where you found yourself just there? With no beginning or ending but that somehow, intuitively, it felt right? Dreams are such a fascinating thing. Some of us wake up not remembering at all what we dreamt about and some of us wake up with the memory so vividly engrained in us that we can’t decipher whether it was real or not.

On my walk tonight, I began to think about my next project. I haven’t worked on a creative project in over a month. In part because I have been so busy with work and in part because I keep using my ancient computer as an excuse to be lazy. But the truth is, art has a spirit. Art has life. If you don’t feed the creative spirit, it will soon wither away. Now, this gets me thinking about many wonderful artists who are in a current state of “creative break to feed the soul”. Those artists need and deserve that break that they have earned – you HAVE to recharge the batteries. But me, I don’t need a break because my art is my break from real life. I haven’t been creating pieces long enough or consistently enough to warrant a break. So I must push on because if I don’t use it, then I know I will lose it.

While I was walking I began to feel stuck. I have been feeling stuck for a couple of weeks. What to create? What to photograph about? What to make? All these questions roamed through my mind. I have always been taught to believe that everything about your art has to have a meaning. But does it? Can you create just because it feels right? Of course you can! In art school they teach you to create with purpose and intention. I believe that is also correct. I believe that you need to create with purpose and intention in order to be mindful when you create and think things through. But as I have learnt throughout the years, that train of thought can also be debilitating. It can hinder you from exploring the magic inside of you.

Today’s piece doesn’t have a purpose. I created what I felt and that is truth. The idea that came into my mind felt like it could have come out of a dream so I chose to honor that. Maybe this image is a fleeting moment from one of my dreams but I just don’t know since I only ever remember a few bits and pieces. Maybe this image pulls out some of the things that I have been feeling recently. That I also don’t know.

Thank you for reading! What do your dreams feel like?

A BIG thank you to Brooke Shaden for sharing her free textures with the world! Click here to access them (don’t worry it’s a public link that she has shared on her blog)

Music: “Pulsar” by Sergey Cheremisinov

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