Mantengo la esperanza de algún día nos volvamos a ver.

(I hope that one day we will see each other again)

Once you let go of fear you have nothing to lose. Hold on to all that you’ve learned and will learn in the hope of finding what you knew you always had.


I never thought about naming a piece in Spanish but “Esperanza” or “Hope” just seemed so fitting to how I felt about this piece. (For those of of you who don’t know, I am from Venezuela and fluent in Spanish.)

Earlier in the day I went to Goodwill (again) to see what goodies and props I could find for photoshoots. I found this glass vase with lavender flowers for $3. What could I do with these little flowers? Mmmm. I thought about it for a bit and the first thing that came to mind was to make a flower crown with them. A while back I had purchased some things to make flower crowns for photoshoots and now I was finally going to be able to use them.

Additionally, I loved the color of the flowers and wanted the whole piece to have that hue. Lavender is a lovely color and one that “evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings” amongst several other feelings according to Color Wheel Pro.

So as our protagonist stands there waiting and hoping to see whoever she is waiting for again, there are a few things I wanted to bring to light. She is holding 3 candles (I really like to bring the number 3 in my images for a past, present, future reference). Those candles are lit but blowing a lot of smoke, which is very contradicting of a burning candle. Her eyes are covered as she looks down and she is wearing all white.  Perhaps it was her wedding day and she was left waiting for her love or perhaps she is waiting to be saved. These are all feelings that came to mind as I pieced this image together. Perhaps her name is Esperanza and she is a character out of a Spanish novel.

Who do you think she is and what could she be waiting for?

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