It’s time to fly

It’s easier to hold on to our safety net than let it go and fully achieve who we know we are meant to become. It feels easier to hang on to what is safe. We spend years dreaming of what our lives could be but we don’t take action. I know I am not speaking to everyone but I am speaking to the person out there just like me. It’s time to fly.

It’s time to experience all that could be. It’s time to give life to all those dreams in your closet and perhaps even give birth to dreams that are so big, you’ll need to bring them outside because there is just no space to put them away. It’s time for you.

And all the while you might be afraid, even crouch down to protect yourself but at the end of the day only the true “you” is left. What better way to honor yourself than by giving flight to your dreams?

It’s time to fly

It’s fun to go out in the snow in a really big puffy skirt and shoot. Knowing, yet not fully knowing, what to do. To be able to grab an object and work with it to see where it takes you. You could end up with an image that doesn’t work or you could end up with something that fully surprises you.

All winter I have been excited to shoot in the snow but didn’t know what to shoot. I really liked the idea of wearing all black in an all white situation. As I began editing, I realized how this image along with “Birds of Prey” just needed to be in black and white. There is such a sense of nostalgia for me everytime I create a black and white image. It takes me back to my first days in the darkroom and college. I was obsessed with black and white photography. The true challenge was to find ways to express a concept with shapes instead of colors.

A big thank you to my husband, who keeps being such a HUGE help during my self portraits.

How are you honoring yourself this year? What are you doing to take those dreams out of the closet and put them into action? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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