Love Thyself

I give you this rose in full bloom as a part of a new chapter,

The part inside of me that is blossoming.

All around me is decay,

This old shell of mine,

Crumbling into pieces.

For so long I hid my true self,

I hid who I wanted to be,

From myself.

From the world.


Nature’s resilience should be a metaphor for our lives. One day I was walking to the grocery store on this abandoned stretch of road. I am not even sure where the road was intended to lead, but it was built and then abandoned. Through the cracking pavement, I saw grass and small plants growing. I find it absolutely incredible that nature is able to grow even when humans think they can stop it. Nature is resilient. Nature is powerful. Nature is life.


Dreams can have the same power as nature, if you just give them a little bit of fuel.


I am taking a lesson from nature and applying it to my dreams.The seed of creativity is inside and it has been growing for years. The more I go on, against my grain, the more I come to realize I cannot be anyone else. Now, it is blossoming and this is my gift to myself – honoring who I truly am and letting go of the shell of who society thought I should be.


I am an artist.


I have always been an artist. Somewhere down the road, I tried to deny it, bury it deep within and even forget about it. But as the seasons passed, like the plants emerging from cracked road, I could not stop it from growing. Last year, I gave my creativity a little bit of water and sunshine and whoosh! It sprouted just like nature does when it gets sun and water.

It is time that we love ourselves for who we are and the gifts that we have been given. We are all unique beings with magic inside. I believe that everyone has something inside that makes them come alive. With a little love and patience, that spark can grow into something more.


What is inside that makes you come alive?


I also wanted to share a little bit about the process of making this image. Instead of using my Nikon D700, I used my Fuji x30 point and shoot camera. It has many of the manual features that a DSLR would have minus the removable lens and full sensor. After doing much research, some years back on a camera that I could use for traveling, the Fuji x30 seemed like the winner. I love this camera. It is tiny, cute and most important of all, takes amazing photos. I decided to dust it off this weekend after printing a black and white photo that I took using it. When I looked at the quality of the image printed in 11×14, I was pretty floored. I know that technology has come a long way but none the less I wanted to prove that you can make images like these with just about any camera. So, for my fellow artist friends out there feeling paralyzed by expensive photo gear – you can create with just about any camera. Some of my textures were taken with my D700 but the majority of what I used was my Fuji x30. So pull out your cameras and go create!

Below, a fun outtake from the shoot (my little girl Betsy making sure the sheets stay warm for mom).

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