Memories of Winter

To be honest, sometimes writing about your art is harder than the process of making it. This image is called “Memories of Winter” and it’s a compilation of images taken throughout this winter. My goal was to push the boundaries of what is real and what is a dream and blend those two things together. The original concept started as an exploration into “duality” and how I could capture sleeping nature vs a very much living person. But, like everything else, my art created itself. Images wanted to be placed “here” and things wanted to be “blended” there. Art is really about feeling – what feels right vs. wrong.

As this image developed, I started seeing that I wanted to explore what our dream state might look like if we were dormant for as much time as plants are during winter. It was important to me to capture the passing of time with images of snow, mountains, trees and texture all the while feeling like time hadn’t moved a single second. In Colorado, our winters can be very long too. Would we become one with nature if we were dormant for that long or would we feel a sense of renewal? What would the world around us look like as time passed if we were in a dormant state? In addition, I wanted to capture a certain nostalgia that we might feel as a season comes to an end.

Color wasn’t necessary in this image because when I think of winter, I think of a monotone palette. Also, I associate winter with a cooler palette – and that is where I failed. I attempted to give this image more of a cool tone but it went against everything that I was feeling so I gave it a warmer tone. One day, maybe, I will produce a cool toned image 🙂 haha.

I hope that you enjoy the image and making of it. Please leave your thoughts below.

Music: Sergey Cheremisinov “City of Lonely Ghosts”

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