The Mountains

Being in the presence of nature is one of the greatest gifts given to us. Whether it be by watching it, hearing it, or feeling it – there is nothing in this world quite like it. No matter where I have been in this world, the one thing that never ceases to amaze me, is nature. In this case, it’s the Rocky Mountains.

We stayed in Breckenridge, Colorado for the weekend. It was a trip of a lifetime but what made this trip even more incredible was the view of the mountains from our condo. Everyday I went out to enjoy them and photograph them and every day they had something new in store for me. Storms rolled in and out and with every gust and cloud, the mountains never looked the same.

I feel grateful to have been in their presence. To have felt their peacefulness and to have observed the ever changing weather around them as they stood still. Thank you beautiful mountains for filling my soul with peace and beauty.

Morning Mountains



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